For scientific findings to truly have an impact on society, they need to be shared in clear, simple language for other scientists, policy makers, and most importantly the public. With this goal in mind, outside of the lab, I contribute to science communication projects about the latest pain and itch research discoveries and interview world-renowned scientists to discuss what findings they are most excited about. I often host episodes of The Pain Beat podcast and have written science communication pieces for RELIEF, Pain Research Forum, and Neuronline


Nobel Prize: Somatosensation and Stories
The Pain Beat (Episode 15), Pain Research Forum, November 2022

Nobel Prize: A Conversation with Ardem Patapoutian and Bertrand Coste
The Pain Beat (Episode 14), Pain Research Forum, September 2022

Nobel Prize: A Conversation with David Julius and Michael Caterina
The Pain Beat (Episode 13), Pain Research Forum, August 2022

Pain Research During the Pandemic and Beyond
The Pain Beat (Episode 10), Pain Research Forum, March 2022

How is Pain Measured if It is Subjective?
The Pain Beat (Episode 9), Pain Research Forum, October 2021

The Coding of Sensory Information: Population Coding or Labeled Lines?
The Pain Beat (Episode 5), Pain Research Forum, January 2021

Pain and Itch Research News

A Mislabeled Line? Well-Known Itch Afferents Can Code Pain, Too
Pain Research Forum, July 2020

Human Tissues in Pain Research— a Promising Fix for a “Leaky” Drug Development Pipeline?
RELIEF, August 2019

Pain 101 – Neuropathic Pain: One Size Does Not Fit All
RELIEF, April 2019

Human Sensory Neurons Are Powerful Tools for Testing New Pain Treatments
Neuronline, July 2018


Pain and Itch Research Go Hand-in-Hand: An Interview with Earl Carstens
Pain Research Forum, February 2020

IASP Pain Research Forum Past, Present, and Future: Questions and Answers with PRF Executive Editor Neil Andrews
Pain Research Forum, September 2019

Can You Feel the Heat? A Conversation with TRP Channel Expert Makoto Tominaga
Pain Research Forum, November 2018