Research Articles

Cell type-specific calcium imaging of central sensitization in mouse dorsal horn
Warwick C, Salsovic J, Hachisuka J, Smith KM, Sheahan TD, Chen H, Ibinson J, Koerber HR, Ross SE (2022). Nature Communications 13, 5199. PDF

MrgprdCre lineage neurons mediate optogenetic allodynia through an emergent polysynaptic circuit
Warwick C, Cassidy C, Hachisuka J, Wright MC, Baumbauer KM, Adelman PC, Lee KH, Smith KM, Sheahan TD, Ross SE, Koeber HR (2021). Pain 162 (7): 2120-2131. PDF

The neurokinin-1 receptor is expressed with gastrin-releasing peptide receptor in spinal interneurons and modulates itch
Sheahan TD, Warwick CA, Fanien FG, Ross SE (2020). Journal of Neuroscience: 40(46):8816–8830. PDF | News Coverage

Kappa opioid receptor distribution and function in primary afferents
Snyder LM, Chiang MC, Loeza-Alcocer E, Omori Y, Hachisuka J, Sheahan TD, Gale JR, Adelman PC, Sypek EI, Fulton SA, Friedman RL, Wright MC, Duque MG, Lee YS, Hu Z, Huang H, Cai X, Meerschaert KA, Nagarajan V, Hirai T, Scherrer G, Kaplan DH, Porreca F, Davis BM, Gold MS, Koerber HR, Ross SE (2018). Neuron 99 (6): 1274-1288. PDF

Angiotensin II triggers peripheral macrophage-to-sensory neuron redox to elicit pain
Shepherd AJ, Copits BA, Mickle AD, Karlsson P, Kadunganattil S, Haroutounian S, Tadinada SM, de Kloet AD, Valtcheva MV, McIlvried LA, Sheahan TD, Jain S, Ray PR, Usachev YM, Dussor G, Krause EG, Price TJ, Gereau RW, IV, Mohapatra DP (2018). Journal of Neuroscience 38(32): 7032-7057. PDF

Metabotropic glutamate receptor 2/3 (mGluR2/3) activation suppresses TRPV1 sensitization in mouse, but not human sensory neurons
Sheahan TD, Valtcheva MV, Pullen MY, McIlvried LA, Baranger DAA, Gereau RW, IV (2018). eNeuro 5(2) e0412-17. PDF

Inflammation and nerve injury minimally affect mouse voluntary behaviors proposed as indicators of pain
Sheahan TD, Siuda ER, Bruchas MR, Shepherd AJ, Mohapatra DP, Gereau RW, IV, Golden JP (2017). Neurobiology of Pain 2:1-12. PDF

Surgical extraction of human dorsal root ganglia from organ donors and preparation of primary sensory neuron cultures
Valtcheva MV, Copits BA, Davidson S, Sheahan TD, Pullen MY, McCall JG, Dikranian K, Gereau RW, IV (2016). Nature Protocols 11(10): 1877-1888. PMID

Voluntary Exercise Training: Analysis of Mice in Uninjured, Inflammatory, and Nerve-Injured Pain States
Sheahan TD, Copits BA, Golden JP, Gereau RW, IV (2015). PLoS ONE 10(7): e0133191. PDF

Previews & Book Chapters

Small RNAs, but Sizable Itch: TRPA1 Activation by an Extracellular MicroRNA
Sheahan TD, Hachisuka J, Ross SE (2018). Neuron: 99(3):421-422. PDF

Emerging Techniques in Basic Science and Translation
Iadarola M, McMahon SB, Ross SE, Sheahan TD, Verhaagen J. In: Gold MS, Pogatzki-Zahn EM, Wallace MS, eds. Pain 2018: Refresher Courses: 17th World Congress on Pain. Washington, DC: IASP Press; 2018:1-14.